In addition to offering online trading courses, I also offer my students a Forex Trade Copier EA service that automatically executes my Forex day trading signals onto the MT4 platform.

This means my students can learn my Forex strategies while using my signal service to make money. I manually execute each of these trades on my MT4 account and the Trade Copier EA duplicates the trades immediately onto my subscribers account.

I provide Forex traders with a Professional Automated Forex Trade Copier System that is Always Looking For Precise, High Reward Trading Opportunities.

First- I give you a Automated Forex Trade Copier System that is 92.1% accurate and adding your MT4 account is easy and provides you with total control of the lot size and leverage used.
The Trade Copier automatically opens and closes trades with precise entry and take profit levels that are generated by our 16 year, Market Tested, Proprietary Trading System.

How it works:
(it is a manual program, I place the trade in my mt4 account and the trade copier will duplicate the trade into your mt4 account)

This first step leads us to the second step-
Trading Education is included with your Trade Copier subscription.

Second- Since you have instant access to my Metatrader MT4 trading account, you can “Look over my Shoulder” while I am trading.
This is a 100% automated trading system with money management control features and works on any size trading account.

My Automated Trading System is easy to set up and specifically developed for the Metatrader 4 Platform. Once you link your Metatrader MT4 account, you set the money management parameters and my Automated Trading System takes over by executing all trade signals into your Metatrader MT4 account automatically...
24 hours a day.

Automated Forex Trading System Framework: (Trading Strategy)

  • System has been used since 2001 successfully through all market conditions
  • System uses day trading techniques such as scalping opportunities that can result in 15 to 40 pips profit per trade
  • System trades "Breakout Trades" that can result in 55 to 250 pips profit per trade
    System uses proprietary techniques for trending and range bound market conditions
  • System blends technical and fundamental analysis to determine confirmation of signals
  • System uses proprietary techniques for analyzing market sentiment and economic data releases
  • System averages 20 to 50 trades per month and all trades are at least a "One to One" reward to Risk Ratio. (Stop Loss is never larger than 55 pips)
  • System trades the major currencies, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD

Unique Subscriber Benefits

  • Use a Automated Forex Trading System that is 92.1% accurate
  • My system will automate the signals so you never have to fear clicking the buy or sell button again
  • Strict Risk Control methods placing stop loss to every trade
  • I never add to a losing position
  • I never move a stop loss once in place
  • I guarantee to earn you a profit every month
  • I use strict trade time limits designed to limit price shocks, global conflict and systemic risks thereby managing potential losses

Executive Trading Team

I am Joseph Fibonacci and I have over 16 years experience trading Futures and Foreign Exchange (Forex). My trading system is a blend of technical and fundamental analysis. I am the primary trader and coach for the Best Forex Trade Copier service.

  • I believe that market intelligence is never ending. I strive to continue my education of the markets by seeking the advice and exchange of information from other trading professionals such as: Trading Psychologists, Economists, Business Professors and other successful traders that I have been fortunate to know.
  • I am constantly monitoring the markets and currencies including the news releases from around the world as it's released. I trade each market as it opens beginning with the Asian session through the Frankfurt and London market, ending with the New York stock session