"Never A Losing Month"

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  • January

    Monthly Pips:+614
    Wins: 25
    Losses: 5
    Largest Winning Trade:54
    Smallest Winning Trade:3

  • February

    Monthly Pips:+981
    Wins: 34
    Largest Winning Trade:48
    Smallest Winning Trade:7

  • March

    Monthly Pips:+857
    Wins: 27
    Largest Winning Trade:51
    Smallest Winning Trade:17

  • April

    Monthly Pips:+824
    Wins: 29
    Largest Winning Trade:42
    Smallest Winning Trade:5

  • May

    Monthly Pips:+687 
    Wins: 17
    Largest Winning Trade:58
    Smallest Winning Trade:2

  • June

    Monthly Pips:1562
    Wins: 38
    Largest Winning Trade:217
    Smallest Winning Trade:4

  • July

    Monthly Pips:876
    Wins: 25
    Largest Winning Trade:72
    Smallest Winning Trade:12

  • August

    Monthly Pips:
    Largest Winning Trade:
    Smallest Winning Trade:

These trades are the results using my Best Forex Trade Copier EA. If you are uncertain about your trading abilities and you still need assistance executing the correct trades that are proven winners you can get my Automated Forex Signal Service here

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What are some of my subscribers saying about the Best Forex Trade Copier?...

Hi Joseph, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You don't know how thankful and grateful I am that you set up this service for me and others like myself. I was literally jumping up and down after I read your email!! You have just given me (and my family) the BEST mother's day gift ever! I feel like a ton of bricks has just been taken off my shoulders!

Thanks again for sharing your talent and time in trading the forex market with me! You truly are a gift from Heaven!!

- , Private Forex Trader

What impresses me most is that your losses are very small, I have not seen a loss larger than -21 pips since I started using your  service. I've been watching your trading behavior and you have truly met all my expectations so far. Thank you Joseph and I am looking forward to using your trade copier service for a very long time to come.

(oh, forgot to mention, I have seen over 189 pips in the last week from your trades)

- , Private Forex Trader

Hi Joseph, I'm setting this up to make as much as I can. It took me a little while to fund my account so I could use the standard lot. I need this to make me as much money as possible. Friday was my first day using your service on the live account with the standard lot.

My total results are $526.31! I am really hopeful this is a glimpse into the future. I have already earned back the price I paid for your service in the first day and if you can keep this up I'm estimating that I could earn more than I make at my present job.
This is a blessing.

Now I know there will be losses but if what you say is true, that you can earn the losses back then I have confidence that you are the guy to finally deliever the goods!

Thank you Joseph

- , Private Forex Trader

Hi Joseph, I wanted to tell you how happy I am with your trade copier service,
I bought it a few days ago and I have already earned back what I spent to buy
your service. This is incredible, I already have 59 pips (I've earned just under $580 so far) I can't believe this. Please keep up the good work. I am looking forward to using this service all year.

- , Private Forex Trader

I gotta just say WOW! That was pretty amazing. I was shocked how close you got to the bottom of that price swing... you took out the trade at 131.326 right before it shot back up
I was having you trade .33 lots using the trade copier and made $111.58 in profits
No clues how you nailed the bottom of that price swing so close, but it was AWESOME!
Keep up the awesomeness my good man!

- , Private Forex Trader

I used to think I wouldn't be good at trading because I think I'm one of the worst students when it comes to learning something new.

That's why I tried your signal service with trade copier. I thought what better way to learn while you trade for me and I can just "get out of the way" and not complicate things for myself.

Once I signed up to use your service, I knew there was going to be more than
I had expected and I haven't been disappointed. The information in the members area is actionable and easy to understand and I had the trade copier on my trading account in less than 15 minutes (just like you said)

I opened a new trading account and avoided FXCM like you told me and I'm glad you did because I have read what's been going on over there with that company.

This is not my first trading account. The last two I blew up in less than 1 month
but I have earn a profit each week with you since I started and I've earned more than
the cost of the service so the rest is pure profit!

You have taken a difficult business to master and made it easy for me and all your subscribers and I am very grateful for you because of that. Thank you Joseph

- , Private Forex Trader

I was going to give up trading but then I found your website and watched some of your videos (several times) and I just knew you were the guy that could really help me. I want you to know how much your help means to me, I can’t believe I am finally making money and what’s more, I’m keeping my profits not giving it back. I made $947 last week and I have never done that before.  I owe it all to you.  You’re the best Joseph

- , Private Forex Trader

Joseph, I am one of your new subscribers, I just started using your service after you changed it to a monthly service and I can't tell you how happy I am! Since Friday May 22 you have made me just a little over $923. in my real account!

I know that I should be prepared for some losses but this is fantastic, and all this in three trading days. I am looking forward to more

- , Private Forex Trader

Really Great Stuff!! Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the material that you sent me the other day. You really did not have to do that and I really appreciate it. You are really one of a kind in this business. One of the good guys for sure. The new material really is really fantastic, last night I traded just one of the setup you showed and on 3 different pairs, and made over 2Gs. I look forward to taking your trading program! Thanks again and have a great weekend

- , Private Forex Trader

This was awesome! I sleep when you are usually trading and I woke up to see this in my account, 31 pips! This was my first trade using your trade copier and It really works. Thanks again Joseph.

- , Private Forex Trader

Watch the results of some trades executed with the
Best Forex Trade Copier EA Service:

*The performance on this page is deemed accurate but past performance does not guarantee future results.

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