Best Forex Trade Copier
The Best Forex Trade Copier EA is the #1 Forex Automated Signal Service since 2007. It works on the MT4 platform and automatically executes trades for you and it's ready to trade for you TODAY!
If You're Struggling to Make Profits or You Are Afraid to Click the "Buy" or "Sell" Button to Open a Trade,
You No Longer Have To Worry...This Trade Copier EA is Operated by a Professional Trader
"This Forex trade copier EA has earned over 10,000 pips per year...every year!"
My Automated Forex Trade Copier EA automatically opens and closes trades at the precise entry and take profit levels according to my 
17 year, Market Tested, Proprietary Trading System
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please note: this free sample trade copier will not execute my trades without the subscription purchase. the sample is only for you to view what the trade copier looks like and how it works.
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Unmatched Performance...Never A Losing Month!
Every trade copier EA comes with my iron clad guarantee
Way more than just a trade copier. It's a complete income producing hands free system
  • Automatically executes trades
  •  Monitors the markets 24/5
  •  You control  money management
  •  You set max stop loss
  •  Get Forex major pair trades
  •  Fast installation time
  •  No minimum balance requirements
  •  Micro, mini, standard lots okay
  •  Works on any PC (Mac too)
  •  Works on live and demo accounts
  •  No trading experience needed
  •  Free lifetime updates
  •  Dedicated customer support
  •  Never have a losing month again
Forex trade execution of the highest quality

The Best Forex Trades

Each trade that is executed on your MT4 platform is analyzed and confirmed by a Professional Trader. From the entry to the final target.

Proven Trading System

The Best Forex Trade Copier EA executes trades based on my proprietary pip winning system developed in 2001.

Complete Settings Control

Each trade copier EA has leverage, lot sizing, stop loss control and many other settings that you control.

#1 Provider of Forex Signals

I've been delivering Automated Forex Signals since 2007 and counting and we never have a losing month.

Unrivalled Customer Support

We are always ready to help you. We have four ways for you to contact us.

Free Lifetime Udpates

Each trade copier EA get Free Lifetime Udpates.
Do You Want to Make Money Trading Forex Without 
The Risk and Fear of Being Wrong on a Trade?
A professional grade trade copier EA that is dedicated to finding the best trades.
The Best Forex Trade Copier has been the #1 choice for traders who want the most reliable automated trading system since 2007. 
Over 7000 Forex traders have used this system and it's still going strong. It's the best Forex trade copier for 2018. - All Rights Reserved 2018  Disclaimer/Privacy