Can you execute your own trades at the same time you use the trade copier? (Multiple Forex trades with MT4 account)

FAQ's Top Ten Questions About My MT4 Forex Trade Copier Service

This is a great question because every trader should know if you can have multiple Forex trades with MT4 accounts.

Yes, you can certainly execute your own trades at the same time you are using my Forex trade copier service.

The most important consideration would be the leverage or lot size you select.

For example, if you use a specific lot size with my trade copier service and you have already executed a trade of your own and then I open a trade shortly after you do, my trade my not get filled into your MT4 account because you've already allocated the maximum lot size to a trade.

But, this is easy to fix. You just need to select another lot sizing option or increase the lot size capacity to allow for multiple trades at the same time.

My trade copier is easy to set up with the trade parameters you want and what you are comfortable with. There are several ways to protect your capital to ensure that you aren't exposing too much of your capital on a single trade and you can also increase the leverage anytime you want to take advantage of my steady performance to maximize your profits.

One "safety feature" of my trade copier is that you can specify the "maximum stop loss".

When you setup the trade copier, I recommend adding a maximum stop loss setting of 55 pips.

This means that you will NEVER experience a stop loss greater than 55 pips. (a 55 pip stop loss is the largest stop loss that I use)

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