How to control the number of trades my trade copier service executes

A typical question I receive about my Forex trade copier is "How many trades will you have open at one time?"

My answer is that is really depends on the market activity. There are times when I could have two open positions and if you are going to use my trade copier, you will need to be aware of this so you can setup the right lot size.

Ultimately, it's all about your personal preference. If you only want one trade open at a time, that's perfect and you can setup the trade copier to only execute one trade at a time and the trade copier will not open another trade until the first one is closed. Additionally if you want more than one trade open (if I happen to have more than one trade signal at the same time) you can take advantage of that too by setting up the trade copier to execute more than one trade.

With either option, I have you covered. In the members area (you get access to the members area after you sign up to use the service) I have some video instructions for you to watch that will show you exactly how to setup the trade copier to only execute one trade at a time or multiple trades at a single time.

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