2021 Trade Copier Performance: 4,525 Pips Profit For 2021

Watch this short video below on today's performance

Best Forex Trade Copier performance 2021

How Much Can You Expect To Earn From My Forex Trade Copier Service???

The graphs below will give you an idea of how much you can expect to earn if you were to start with my service back in 2007 to the present day using one "mini lot" and leaving the profits earned in the account. (this example doesn't take into consideration increasing the lot size at the trading account balance increases, it's just one mini lot through out the year, every year)

total pipage since 2007 trade copier profits
this graph above shows the total pips profit each year since 2007
annual net trade copier profits since 2007
this graph above shows the total dollar profits each year using one mini lot (with no adjustment to the lot size as the account grows) since 2007

I started offering trade copier services to signal service subscribers back in late 2007/ 2008. As you can see in the "all time performance stats" below, I have generated positive annual profits for my trade copier subscribers every year.

Annual Performance Since 2007

How Much Money Do Some of My Subscribers Earn???

this video below shows some of my subscribers trading account statements that are connected to my trade copier service. these statements and trade examples are real but do not guarantee future results. I personally use very conservative approach to leverage and lot sizing. I never recommend using high leverage and I always recommend that my subscribers have a proper money management plan in place and understand leverage.

how my Forex trade copier can help you earn 267 pips in one day

One Week Trading Performance With Our Trade Copier Service

one week performance trade copier service

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