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We've been providing Forex signals for 14 years!

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"I was going to give up trading but then I found your website and watched some of your videos (several times) and I just knew you were the guy that could really help me. I want you to know how much your help means to me, I can’t believe I am finally making money and what’s more, I’m keeping my profits not giving it back. I made $947 last week and I have never done that before. I owe it all to you. You’re the best Joseph"
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"I am so confident that you will make money each month using my MT4 Trade Copier.

Try my mt4 trade copier and use it for 30 days.

If you dont feel like I have delivered on my promise to earn a positive monthly profit... all you need to do to be eligible for a refund is submit your mt4 account history with a listing of my trades before 30 days is up and if I haven’t executed trades in the trade copier that result in a positive monthly profit in 30 days I will refund your purchase price!

I want you to succeed and make money every month.

If you use my mt4 trade copier and you don’t get a positive monthly profit, then I don’t deserve your money."

I will refund your purchase if I fail to earn a profit in 30 days.

Let's be clear, Forex Trading and Delivering Forex Services in general can be a pretty expensive proposition. Both for you and the service provider. Because of that, we have implemented some checks and balances to protect you the subscriber and us the provider.

I work hard from Monday to Friday to find the best trades for my subscribers. I trade at least 10 hours a day (sometimes 16 to 18 hours) My Trading hours are during the London and NY Sessions.

I have a strict refund policy, I issue a refund if I fail to earn a profit in 30 days. To complete the refund you must send a copy of all the trades in your account during the time you used the trade copier. If you turn off your trade copier and I continue to execute trades and they aren't executed because you turned off the trade copier, this isn't grounds for a refund. I will only issue a refund if I fail to earn a profit in 30 days.

This trade copier subscription is in high demand and occasionally sells out. No worries, we have reserved your order.

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